MALAWI - June '06


Malawi was just the beginning. We went there first because it's a country where the average age is just 16. HIV and poverty problems have touched a whole generation. Over half the population of Malawi are children.

We drove over 6,000km in 6 weeks to the most remote parts of the country, with balls that had been given to us by you, the British public. We visited over 150 schools and as many orphanages again. Where the roads were down we would fill our packs with balls and walk. It was hard work but worth it.

Almost every school we visited told us how it would increase attendance overnight. To download an example of just one of the letters we received that proves this, click here.

Like in so many countries across Africa, footballs are hard to come by in rural Malawi. Until we got there and gave them 3,000 brand new ones. Right now, there are tens of thousands of games of football being played with proper balls, with kids having a laugh, all over the country. That simply wasn't the case before we arrived.

Every ball you gave us was hand delivered by us to a child, a school or an orphanage, with a message that it came from you. The smile on the kid's faces alone was worth the tenner that you gave us for each ball. If you'd like to know exactly where your ball went, do call or email us. Every one of you is mentioned on our Supporters page.

But it was so much more than just a bit of fun for the kids. Time and time again teachers told us that having footballs & netballs would increase school attendance & performance overnight. So simple.

If you want to experience the trials and tribulations of the team and how it all went out in Malawi, have a read of either Paul's diary or Peter's diary.

Please join in and donate a ball for our next project.