UGANDA - June '08



To read Duncan's report from the Uganda project, click here.

What a huge success this project was. The Great Football Giveaway's team of volunteers have just returned from Uganda, where they managed to hand-deliver over 3,000 footballs and netballs direct to children across rural areas. 

The project was brilliant in so many ways, with the team traveling over 5,000km into rural areas, visiting hundreds of schools, orphan centres, community projects, IDP (refugee) Camps, and so the list continues. So many smiling faces.

Massive thank you to all those involved in making this project happen.

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So where did all the balls go in Uganda? 
To give you some idea of the scale of the project, these were the schools and orphan centres that the team visited and supported in Uganda:

SOS Children's Villages (Orphan Centre & School)
Child to Child Primary School
Kakiri Islamic Secondary School
Bilal Islamic Institute (Primary)
Bilal Islamic Institute (Secondary)
Henry Kasule Memorial College
Caring Heart Primary School
Clinton Modern Secondary School
Kamuli Primary School
Kasiba Primary School
Masulita Junior School
Wesigei Mukama Primary School
Gubero Baptist Primary School
Light and Grammar Primary School
Light and Grammar College School
Premier College School
Comprehensive High School
Uweso Orphan Centre
Burasio Konde Memorial School
Kalongero Junior School
Kakiri Modern Islamic Primary School
Kampala School for the Physically Handicapped
St Mary's Primary School
Green Valley Primary School
St John Kizinga Primary School
Lubani Secondary School
Muwangi Primary School
Buwagi Primary School
Buwagi Secondary School
St Mary's Primary School, Budondo
Trinity Junior School
Kamuli Village Primary School
Good Hope School
Mpumwire Primary School
Kiyunga Care Junior School
Butende Primary School
Nawansaso Primary School
Namulanda Primary School
Superior Academy Nursery
Nasenyi Primary School
Mukanga Primary School
Kabwangasi Primary School
Kabwangasi Secondary School
Kachuru Primary School
Putti Primary School
Putti Nursery School
Kakoro Primary School
Kakoro Secondary School 
Charlton Primary School
Kanginima Hospital
Kanginima Primary School
Perfect Primary School
Kawojan Primary School
Maizimasa Primary School
Kalecheru Primary School
Bukibologoto Primary School
Sisiyi High School
Bumugusha Primary School
Simu Primary School
Bulegeni Parents School
Bulegeni Child Development Centre (community project)
Mbigi Primary School
Kingdom Nursery School
Zion Good Daddy Nursery & Primary School
Nabumali Girls High School
Nabumali High School
Wolugyera Primary School
Bunanimi Primary School
Mulatsi Care Primary School
Bumaliro Primary School
Bukhakosi Primary School
Opujo Primary School
Opar Primary School
Jeressar High School, Soroti
Kings Kids Nursery & Primary School, Soroti
Amuria Primary School
Pioneer Primary School
NUSAF (Northern Uganda Social Action Fund) Acowa Peace & Conflict Resolution Project (Displacement Camp)
Shalom Orphanage, Soroti 
Mandela Mission for the Blind
St Patrick's School for the Blind
NUSAF Family Project
Grace Hill Nursery & Primary School, Soroti
Sun City Primary School, Soroti
Sun City Nursery School, Soroti
Kichinjaji Primary School, Soroti
New Jerusalem Nursery & Primary School, Soroti
Soroti Independent Baptist School
Soroti Junior Academy, Soroti
Goshen Nursery School, Soroti
Jameler Primary School, Soroti
Soroti Secondary School
Soroti Parents Primary School
Soroti Parents Grammar School
Moroafesur Primary School, Soroti
Rocko View Secondary School, Soroti
Katine Primary School, Soroti
Adongkueru Primary School, Soroti
Abalang Primary School, Kmaido
St Katherine's Girls School, Lira
Cornerstone Nursery School, Lira
Cornerstone Junior School, Lira
House of Grace Orphans Rehabilitation Home, Lira
Doctor Obote College, Lira
Kanda Lawrence Primary School, Lira
Canon LawrenceDemonstration School, Lira
Acwikot Primary School, Lira
Standard Vocational High School, Lira
Lira Public School
Boke Primary School
St Philip's Nursery School
Youth Corporation Family Centre (Orphanage)
Vienna Nursery School, Lira
Aduku Road Primary School, Lira
Anai Day Boarding School, Lira
The Capricorn High School, Lira
Bulluge Secondary School, Lira
Archbishop Orombi Secondary School, Lira
Ajania Nursery School, Lira
Frontier Nursery & Primary School, Lira
Igel Secondary School, Lira
Ilera Primary School, Lira
Citizen Nursery School, Lira
Aruy Primary School, Lira
St Kizito Nursery & Primary School
Agel Primary School, Lira
Baraumdyang Primary School, Lira
Aldip Primary School, Lira
Egwel Nursery School, Lira
Amali Primary School, Lira
Northern High School, Lira
St Mary Magdalene Girls Secondary School, Lira
Ojwina Primary School, Lira
Otim Primary School, Lira
Karadali Day & Boarding School, Lira
Ambalal Primary School, Lira
Adyel Primary School, Lira
Bishop Ashili Primary School, Lira
Sunrise School, Lira
Lira Integrated Secondary School, Lira
Lira Integrated Primary School,, Lira
Owingo Primary School, Lira
Oryang Memorial School
Wianaka Primary School
Bakue Primary School
Khalira Primary School
Amati Primary School
Agung Primary School
Olwiyo Primary School
Apwoyo Primary School
Appi Primary School
Oyam District School
Iyani Primary School
Kilanyi Primary School
Kilyani Muslim School
Bulima Primary School
Kyakapeya Primary School
Kitamigo Vilage School
Kakindo Secondary School
Bulindi Integrated Secondary School, Hoima
Sir Tito Winyi Secondary School
Butango Orphange
Mairirwe School, Hoima
Buhimba Senior Secondary School, Hoima
Makerere Competent High School, Hoima
St James Buswekera Church School, Hoima
Kitara Secondary School, Hoima
Murubaya Primary School, Hoima
St Jude Primary School, Hoima 
Guardian Angel Primary School, Hoima
Guardian Angel Secondary School, Hoima
Rena Secondary School, Hoima
Trinity Primary School, Hoima
Buhaga Secondary School, Hoima
Wanainchi Primary School, Bugambe
Bugambe Tea Estate Primary School
Kyambara Primary School, Bugambe
Kyabaseke Primary School, Bugambe
Bugambe Model Primary School
Bujugu Primary School, Bugambe
Katanga Primary School, Bugambe
Luguse Primary School, Bugambe
Kyarubanga Primary School, Bugambe
Mpiga Primary School
Kamuruli Primary School
Kiburara Primary School
Kiburara Memorial Secondary School
Saad Secondary School
St Michaels's Nursery & Primary School, Kasinga
St John's Seminary Secondary School
Nymugasani Primary School
Rwesoro County Primary School
Kagando Primary School
Kasokero Primary School
Kasokero Nursery School
Kalikakali Primary School
Bwethe Primary School
Kyondo Secondary School
Kaghorwe Primary School
Dorothy Riditchi Orphan Home, Kasese
Dorothy Riditchi Orphan Home, Kagando
Nyrere Memorial School
Kasunganyanya Primary School
St John's Primary School, Kibito
St John's Secondary School
Buheesi Primary School
Buheesi Secondary School, 
Victoria Preparatory School
Nyabwina Primary School
Kabale Muslim Primary School, Fort Portal
Kimbuga Primary School, Kibito
Kisomoro Primary School, Kibito
Karambi Primary School
Muhumiza Nursery School
Kiboma Primary School
Kyansozi Secondary School
Kyansozi Primary School
Webikere Priamary School
Nsinde Primary School
Barahija Primary School
Kyarusozi Brilliant Boarding Primary School
Hamukuku Primary School
Kyarusozi Brilliant Boarding Secondary School
St Zoe Primary School
Mary Star Bright Academy
Seesa High School
St Matia Mulumba Primary School
Kikere Infants School
Light Nyange Quality Primary School

That's a lot of smiles.